Phong Nam Ancient Village

The Phong Nam Village is among very few villages that still remain the features of the traditional villages of Vietnam like the green fields surrounded with the bamboos, the paths, the simple houses and the lifestyles of the farmers. This village is situated in Hoa Chau Commune, Hoa Vang District.

The Phong Nam Village occupies a large surface of Hoa Chau including Nam Thanh, Tay A, Dong Hoa, Bau Cau. Visiting Phong Nam, the tourists will enjoy the peaceful feelings, the pure fragrance of green grass in the wind and the splashing waves of the romantic riverside village. The tourists must feel enjoyable when visiting the river watering place in Dong Hoa (Xom Hen) which was famous for the shell catching and the words “Dong Hoa ban hen mua trau” (Dong Hoa sells shells to buy buffalos) or visiting the old temple under the big banyan tree of the Tay An (Xom Dong) river watering place.

Phong Nam was just only a south part of the large Phong Le Village which is famous for its long history. It is the place that was soon exploited from the Cham period. In the Tran, Le Dynasties, Phong Le used to belong to Dien Ban District. There are many Cham remains, which are now exhibited in Cham Museum- Danang City, found in Phong Le Village. Phong Nam is attractive because of its old architectural works like the pagodas, the regional cathedrals, etc. The village schools, markets are also the interesting places.

Phong Le used to be famous for Muc Dong Festival (the festivals for the children keeping buffalos). This is the festival only for the children keeping the buffalos. It is the festival to honor the importance of agriculture and to long for the better crops.

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