Krong Kmar Waterfall

Far from centre of Krong Bong District to the direction of the Chu Yang Sin Range about 3km. This waterfall originates from the highest top of Chu Yang Sin Range which is considered the roof of the Highlands, the Krong Kmar River cascades to the foot of the mountain, forming the Krong Kmar Waterfall. Its pristine and poetic beauty forever leaves profound imprints on the mind of tourists. Upstream, atop the Chu Yang Sin range, water falls down and forms various terraces. The Krong Kmar Waterfall produces white spume, creates a series of roaring sound that echo through the forest. Next to the waterfall are large and smooth rocks for tourists to go sightseeing or have a small party. From here, those who like to explore the mountain landscape may walk upstream to reach the top of the water source, the starting point of Krong Kmar Waterfall. Visitors will be surprised to see a large deep lake surrounded by the pine forest, which is abundant with the melodic music of trees and the whispering of birds all year round. This place is very calm while the waterfall produces great noises all day round. It is ideal for those who enjoy the calm and poetic delight of nature. Coming to Krong Kmar Waterfall, visitors enjoy the magnificent landscape that nature has endowed to this land. Visitors can take a bath in the cool and clear falling water. Visitors will feel at ease after a hard working day when relaxing and walking by the waterfall. Fascinating extras include riding elephants, conquering Cu Yang Sin Mount, or enjoying the unforgettable taste of can alcohol. Recently, Krong Kmar has become a familiar address to everybody. On the occasion of festivals or at the weekends, this place usually receives a lot of guests, within or surrounding Dak Lak Province.

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