This is an ancient capital of Pyu Kingdom which flourished between 5th to 9th century known as Thayekhittaya (Sriksetra). The ruins are hidden behind thickness of thorny bushes, small trees, toddy palms, cactus and beautiful white flowers. The ruins are such as Patagyi Pagoda, Payama Pagoda, Bawbawgyi Pagoda & Bebe Pagoda, which are supposed to be built between 4th to 9th century. The small museum has a collection of artifacts collected from the excavations, including royal funerary urns, stone relieves, a couple of Bodhisattavas, a Dvrapala (great guardian), statues of the Hindu deities Tara Devi, Vishnu & Lakshmi, several 6th century Buddha images, tile fragments, terracotta votive tablets and silver coins minted in the kingdom.

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