Shitthaung Temple

Shitthaung or “temple of the 80,000 Buddhas” was built by one of the most powerful kings of the Mrauk-Oo Dynasty, called by the people, Minbargyi. King Minbin who reigned from 1513 to 1553 built this fortress-temple after repulsing a Portuguese attack on the City of Mrauk U. The skill and art displayed in its construction and ornamentation are remarkable. Besides, you may observe here about the maze-like layout of this pagoda. In the accounts of this curious plan, some foreigners remarked that the Shitthaung Temple was built alike a fortress. The real purpose of the temple was for prayer, some rituals of initiation, and some of the King’s ceremonies, which were usually held secretly. It was constructed six feet thick of solid sandstone and like “rock cave tunnel”. No mortar was used in the construction and stones were connected with stone brackets. It is believed that 84,000 of the Buddha’s relics with the same number of the Lord’s images are enshrined in it. People who entered the tunnels of the temple felt that they were actually inside an endless tunnel.

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