Tham Pha Nya In Cave

The Tham Pha Nya In Cave is located 17km northeast of Thakhaek on Route 12. There is no sign, but turn left through a blue cement gateway and go 400 meters to the cave.
This cave is named after Pha Nya In, an archangel featured in many Lao stories as the link between the humans and the gods. This little-known cave is well worth visiting. After climbing up a cement stairway to your left is a small passageway leading to two Buddhist shrines with several Buddha images (tak a flashlight). You can also climb down into the cave itself (please take care) to view a small underground lake 75m long (depth unknown). On the far side of the lake is another cave. Swimming or washing in the lake is prohibited as the water is considered holy and is said to have magical powers used to treat the sick.

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