Tad Fane Waterfall

The breathtaking views of this double waterfall located on the edge of the Dong Houa Sao National Protected Area on the Bolaven Plateau can be seen from the Tad Fane Resort. The trekking can also be arranged from the resort.
The Tad Fane Resort overlooks the Tad Fane waterfalls, thundering down in a 200 meter deep gorge. Beyond the waterfalls stretches the extensive jungle of Dong Hua Sao, one of the 18 National Biodiversity Conservation Areas in the country. Open since 2000, Tad Fane is one of Laos’ pioneering nature resorts. Thanks to its location on an elevation of 1100 meters and surrounded by forests, temperatures are much lower than elsewhere in Laos. Even in the hottest period of the year, March and April, temperatures in the daytime usually do not reach over 27 Celsius, while at night it cools down considerably. Starting July, when rain starts to fall more regularly, temperatures drop and a sweater in addition to a rain coat is recommended. Do definitely pack warm clothes when staying with us between November and February!

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