Sen Monorom Waterfall

The Sen Monorom Waterfall is just five kilometer from the provincial town by red soil trail. Along either sides of the trail, there are industrial plantations like rubber, coffee and cashew as well. The local people usually meet each other at Sen Monorom waterfall during the holidays and national festivals because it closed to the provincial town. The Sen Monorom waterfall has three stages: The first stage of the waterfall has slow speed, one meter height and 2 to 4 meter diameter. The second stage of the fall during the rainy season has strong speed, 6 to 7 meter height and 8 meter diameter. During the dry season, the waterfall has 7 to 9 meter height and 4 to 5 meter diameter. At the waterfall, there is a large space of resting and enjoying. The third stage of the fall is located at one kilometer from the second stage. The waterfall has 1.5 meter height only. This waterfall is the closest thing to a public swimming pool for Sen Monorom. Motos can run people out here for about US$2 for the round trip. Walking there, head straight on beyond Sihanouk’s abandoned villa and when the trail eventually forks, take the left-hand side.

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