Pahlung Village

This is possible to go on an elephant trek at this small village. It’s a good idea to come out here the day before (possibly on your way to Bousra Waterfall) to organize it so they have the animal ready to go the next morning, instead of out working in the jungle. You can take a half or full day trip in the surrounding area. It’s good to wear long pants and bring some mosquito repellent, drinking water and food. To get there, just head north from Sen Monorom. When you get to the fork in the road, go right. The village is about 8 km from town.

Elephant Treks
Most of the guesthouses around town, as well as the local tourist office, can arrange day treks for around US$25, including lunch and transport to and from the village. It is also possible to negotiate a longer trek with an overnight stay in a Pnong village. It can get pretty uncomfortable up on top of an elephant after a couple of hours, so carry pillow or something similar to ease the strain.

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