Nokor Bachey Temple

The Nokor Bachey Temple is the historical site located at 2.2 Kilometer distance from the Kampong Cham provincial town along the National road N0 7 (Phnom Penh- Kampong Cham) in 12-kilometer distance and turn left more 200 Metres. The temple can be accessible by all types of vehicles. The temple site is divided into: Tonle Om: Size 400 Meters x 500 Meters located at the East of the temple in approximate 300-metres distance from the temple. The first long building with size 421 meters x 371 meters made of late rite stone of 2.9-meter height and 2.4-metre length. Now, most parts of this long building have broken. In the area of the first long building included: – Six Lions: Located at the entrance of the second long building; the entrance has two-metre width. – Eight dragons: Located behind the six lions. – Two devils: Stand at both sides of the entrance. The second long building includes two statues of Te Cho Dam Din – two devils each has 1.6 meter height. – Two ponds each has 20 Metre x 20 Metre; the two ponds are not dried during the dry season. The third long building is thicker than the first and the second and has accesses from the four directions. In the third long building, there are: -In front of the entrance, there is an eight-hand statue of Preah Norey – At the left-hand side, there is a four – hand statue of Preah Norey FOURTH LONG BUILDING: Made of late rite stone; it is separated and different from the first, second and third because it has accesses from the 12 directions. If we enter into the middle of the temple, we notice a high mid-peak made of sandstone with Buddhist statue facing the four directions of East, West, North and South. Nor Kor Ba Chey temple has wide location; it is not smaller than other temples in Cambodia. The temple is the main gathering place for the people in Kampong Cham province, and other provinces and municipalities. The temple was built in 11th Century.

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