Angkor Borei

This site was known as Vyadhapura when it served as the capital of Water Chenla in the 8th century, one of many competing kingdoms in the pre-Angkorian era. It is one of the earliest pre-Angkorian sites in Cambodia, dating back to the 5th century. Angkor Borei is actually a small modern town, but in this instance it is used to refer to the remains of an ancient walled city in the vicinity. The town has a small museum (admission US$1; open 8.30am-noon and 2pm-4.30pm daily), set up with assistance from the European Union in 1997. Much of what did remain in the form of ancient ruins in Angkor Borei was destroyed not too long ago in the modern past. The officials that runs the museum that’s dedicated to the history of the Funan empire told me that much of what was still standing from this period (from parts of ancient walls to partial structures) was thought to be useless by locals and was bulldozed and razed to make way for more “useful” modern day structures! Talk about having a bad track record. Fortunately artifacts and history have been put together in the museum.

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