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Famous for its relaxed atmosphere, the country never fails to deliver guests unique experiences and unexpected moments of discovery with every visit. As yet to be frequented trails are being researched and developed, the tourist map is expanding and the opportunity for experiential travel becomes ever greater in this compelling destination.

Lao’s responsible tourism ethos continues to lead the way in the region as the eco-tourism concept and development of sustainable practices gains ground. Time stands still in Luang Prabang. The spiritual capital of Laos is filled with dozens of temples and this tranquil atmosphere is enhanced by the town’s colonial buildings and lush vegetation.

The pace of life slows down dramatically in Luang Prabang and endless hours can be spent meandering through the small lane-ways and riverside paths. Excursions can be made to nearby craft villages, waterfalls, and elephant parks or travel by boat along the Mekong River for a different view of the city.

With its rich culture and mesmerizing charm, Luang Prabang is an integral part of package tours to Laos. Meanwhile, Vientiane is one of the quietest capitals in the world and due to its sleepy vibe it makes the perfect first stop on Laos tours. Although slightly disheveled with dusty, potholed streets, the city offers many pleasant surprises for travelers with ancient temples filling the streets and cultural centers providing insight in to the traditions of the local people


Quick Facts
GovernmentCommunist state
CurrencyKip (LAK)
water: 6,000km²
land: 230,800km²
Population6,695,166 (July 2013 estimate)
LanguageLao (official), French, English, and various ethnic languages
ReligionBuddhist 98%, other (chiefly animist and Christian) 2%
Electricity220V, 50Hz (European & US plugs)
Country code+856
Time ZoneUTC +7

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