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Brief Itinerary

* Hoi An Motorbike Tours to Hue via Khe Sanh, Vinh Moc – BRIEF ITINERARY:
Day 1: Hoi An – Motorbike Tour to Ba Hom Village
Day 2: Ba Hom – Khe Sanh – A Luoi
Day 3: Khe Sanh – Vinh Moc – Hue

Day 1 – Hoi An Motorbike Tours to Hue via Khe Sanh, Vinh Moc : Hoi An motorbike tour to Ba Hom Village

Quang Nam: Motorbike tour to Ba Hom Village

The route takes us away from the coast and into the hills, an area often inaccessible by normal car. As we wind into the mountains we’ll come across ancient Cham ruins and famous American war sites, hopping out of our jeeps to snap photos and explore the tourist-free areas.

At midday we’ll reach Ba Hom, where our Co Tu hosts will welcome us to their village. Lunch will be served in the village and then we’ll venture further into the mountains with a light trek.

The route crosses over the original Ho Chi Minh Trail and leads us to a therapeutic hot spring where we can swim and relax in the healing waters.

This evening our hosts prepare a traditional Co Tu feast. Dining in the village on the local cuisine and sleeping in their stilted houses gives us the rare chance to experience firsthand the traditions of Vietnam’s ethnic minority people.

This is a true taste of authentic hilltribe culture – an experience that is increasingly rare to find.

(Accommodation: Guesthouse)
(Meals: Lunch, Dinner)

Day 2 – Hoi An Motorbike Tours to Hue via Khe Sanh, Vinh Moc : Ba Hom motorbike tour to Khe Sanh via A Luoi

Rise and shine for day two of our Hoi An Motorbike Adventure. After breakfast in the village, we say goodbye to our hosts and resume our bike ride to Khe Sanh. Today’s journey traverses the historic Ho Chi Minh Highway through lush rainforests and over magnificent mountain passes.Take a refreshing dip in a mountain waterfall at midday, where we’ll break for a picnic lunch.

We begins the afternoon, winding  through  the A Shau Valley, a ruggedly beautiful valley that became famous during the American War as the site of many battles, the most famous being Khe Sanh where we stay for the night. Before we check into the hotel we visit the Museum and former combat base which was under siege for 67 days.

(Accommodation: Hotel)
(Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 3 – Hoi An Motorbike Tours to Hue via Khe Sanh, Vinh Moc : Khe Sanh motorbike tour to Hue via Vinh Moc Tunnels

Motorbike Tour to Khe Sanh

Driving along Highway 9, we pass famous American war sites like the Rock Pile and Camp Carol, before crossing the former border between North and South Vietnam at the 17th parallel.


We arrive at the Vinh Moc tunnels, where an entire village went underground in the 1960s to survive the bombing. After exploring the tunnels, we head to a local beach where you can cool off with a swim.

After lunch we drive along the coastline and arrive in Hue late afternoon.

(Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch)

Optional Abseiling at Marble Mountain on day 1:

We walk up Marble Mountain into the rappelling area, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes.
The first rappel is a short walk from the practice area and enjoys a fantastic view of the ocean. This 22 meter line has great exposure, fantastic scenery and makes you feel like you are much higher than you actually are.

Then we do our final rappel; a monster 50 meter drop into a gaping hole so deep and dark that you can’t see the bottom. This fantastic cave rappel drops right out of the jungle down into a temple chamber. Get ready for a full on Tomb Raider experience!

Highlights of the tour

* Ethnic minority villages
* Hai Van pass
* Local cuisine
* Old-growth rainforest
* Mountain waterfalls
* Ho Chi Minh Trail
* Hamburger Hill
* Khe Sanh combat base
* Khe Sanh museum
* Crossing the 17th parallel
* Historic Vinh Moc tunnels
* World Heritage sites
* Optional Abseiling

Rider rating:
Inexperienced riders to sit on the back
Moderately experienced to drive yourself
Experienced riders

Tour rating:
easy day (first day)
long day (second & third day)
all paved road

Please note:
Tour departs with minimum of 2 people.
We do not offer a pillion discount for tours departing with only 2 people.

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– Experienced English-speaking guide
– Minsk motorbike or semi-automatic scooter
– 3rd party insurance for motorbikes
– Fuel
– 2 x Breakfast, 3 x Lunch, 2 x Dinner
– Snacks
– 2 night accommodation
– Entry fees and ferry crossings
– International safety standard helmet
– Drinking water and soft drinks
– Saddle bags, gloves & rain ponchos, if needed.

– Alcohol
– Personal & motorbike insurance (for motorcycle accident)
– Personal expenses/tips
– Damages to motorcycle.

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