Yaly Hydroelectric

Located In Ia Mo Nong Commune, Chu Pah District, the Yaly Hydroelectric is built in a beautiful site along Se San River. A new hydro-electric power plant was built at Yaly Waterfall and has a design capacity of 720 MW. Process of construction and operation of Yaly Hydro-electric Power Plant affected strongly economy, culture, society� of Central Highlands in general and Gia Lai Province in particular. Especially it has supplied power with villages and contributes to raise cultural standards of the people. In the future, four hydro-electric power plants expected to build are Se San 3, Se San 4, Plei Krong and Thuong Kon Tum. Se San 3 and Se San 4 are in lower section of Yaly Hydro-electric Power Plant.

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