Trinh Nu Waterfall

The Trinh Nu Waterfall is located in Cu Jut District. Before discharging into the Serepok River, the Krong No Stream snakes its way through rocky stones of many shapes and sizes, creating a magnificent natural landscape called Trinh Nu (Virgin) Waterfall. Legend has it that the name of the waterfall stemmed from a moving love story. A girl at the age of puberty had to commit suicide in the waterfall to ease her heart-rending love story. Hence the name Trinh Nu Waterfall is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Central Highland. To visit Trinh Nu Waterfall, one should go 25km southwest of Buon Ma Thuot City. On the way, one seems to blend with nature. From a distance, the sound of the waterfall can be heard. Amidst the imposing natural landscape, tourists feel free from all the trouble of life. At present, the Trinh Nu Waterfall tourist area is under the management of the Dak Lak Tourist Company. Apart from preservation, people have built some other new constructions, which perfectly blend with the surrounding landscape. Coming here, tourists have a chance to enjoy the natural beauties as well as the excellent services. Trekking along winding routes, or stone steps, or streams, they see the blending of mountains and water. When getting tired, let�s stop and have a party, singing together or relaxing in small thatched houses located nearby. If tourists like to stay overnight, they can choose among those houses built in the style of houses on stilts of Tay Nguyen. The imposing mountain and forest landscape in Tay Nguyen and its friendly people welcome tourists from near and far.

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