People’s Theatre Lake

In French domination time, it used to be a small lake within a horse race course where horses were bathed. Thus, it was called horse race lake. In the book of Hai Phong city criterion published in Paris 1891, this area and Hai Phong horse races with famous ‘jokers’ comparable with Hanoi and Sai Gon were mentioned repeatedly.

During the war against French colonist, this place was deserted. After the restoration of peace, it was rebuilt to become the People’s Theatre. On January 22nd 1962, Russian heroic astronaut German TiTop – Chairman of Russia -Vietnamese Friendship Association and President Ho Chi Minh had a public talk to Hai Phong people here. Now whoever comes back here, they must be surprised that the old lake has been rehabilitated with stone jetty, barrier, clear, green and good-looking footpaths. It has become the sport and culture center for the youth, a memorial work for 45 years of Hai Phong liberation anniversary (13 May 1955 -13 May 2000).

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