Jun Village

The Jun Village belongs to Lien Son Townlet, Lak District. The Jun Village bears a specific feature of traditional village in Central Highlands. Thus, it is more attractive visitors near and far. Nestling by the romantic Lak Lake, Village bears the pristine beauty of villages in the Central Highlands and it is still considered as a mountain girl who always preserves her traditional identity. Despite historical upheavals, Jun Village still preserves and promotes its traditional, cultural identities and customs. The road leading to Jun Village is asphalted but it still preserves its pristine of the traditional village. The houses on stilts, the daily life�s activities as weaving brocade, knitting, fishing, water farming are the beautiful culture of the ancestor, which present clearly. Tourists can visit the traditional long houses, or watch young girls weaving brocade, to feel as if they returned to the past to immerse themselves in the peaceful, legendary and poetic long poems or can ride elephants to go sightseeing amidst the magnificent landscape. There is nothing more interesting than sitting at the door of the long house, admiring the legendary moonlight and enjoying the cool wind from Lak Lake. Sitting around a jar of can alcohol, visitors may learn about Khan Story, legends, long poems of this land. Getting drunken by the alcohol, one soon has a sound sleep. Fascinating extras include rowing a piragua on Lak Lake, enjoying lam rice (rice cooked in bamboo tube) and other specialties as fish, eels, and snails. During festive time, visitors will be attracted in pleasant atmosphere of Gong sounds, voices and traditional dances of charm and romance. As the above-mentioned, this will be the place of getting knowledge and researching the cultural features of the Central Highlands villages. Please come to Jun Village once, many things are looking for visitors here.

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