Dak Tuar Cave

The Dak Tuar Cave nestles by the Dak Tuar Waterfall, 6km from Cu Pui Commune, Krong Bong District. During the American war, Dak Tuar Cave used to be the headquarters of Dak Lak Party Committee and units of regular military troops. Despite American bombing and holding many raid, the headquarters remained to lead the resistance war. In May 1965, at Dak Tuar Cave, the Dak Lak Party Committee led ethnic minorities in H9 area to fight against the US and its lackey soldiers, liberating a large area on the eastern part of the province, present-day Krong Bong District. From this revolutionary base, the Dak Lak Party Committee led the local people and troops to liberate Buon Ma Thuot on March 10th, 1975, paving the way for the unification of the country. In 1991, the Ministry of Culture and Information issued Decision recognizing Dak Tuar Cave is a historical site of Dak Lak Province. Dak Lak Culture and Information Department had a project to preserve and restore the cave, the Province Party Committee Hall, the dwelling place of Mr. Huynh Van Can, secretary of Dak Lak Party Committee at that time. According to the survey, this cave is spacious enough to house up to hundreds of army divisions. At present, VND 500million have been invested in 6km of road from Dak Tuar Village to the memorial site, facilitating the pilgrimage to the former base. During festive days, the youth of Dak Lak ethnic minorities regularly visit this place, a historical site which carries education meaning for the next generations.

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