Dak Lak Ethnology Museum

The Dak Lak Ethnology Museum is situated at 182 Nguyen Du Street, Buon Ma Thuot City. This two-storey building displays pictures and historical, cultural artifacts of the people�s life in Dak Lak. First floor: Displaying pictures and artifacts about natural conditions of Dak Lak Province and the culture of E De and M’Nong ethnic groups; as well as models of stilt house, traditional costumes, production tools, statues at tomb houses, and collections of wine jars, bamboo backpacks, and gourds. Second floor: Displaying pictures and artifacts about the resistance wars against the French colonialists and the US imperialists of the Dak Lak people. In addition, it also has pictures of economical production after the liberation day, including agricultural and industrial production, rubber and coffee planting, latex processing, hydroelectric work, health care service and tourism.

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