Cam Le “Kho Me” Cake Village

The Cam Le is located in Khue Trung Ward, Hai Chau District, and 6km from the south of Danang City. This cake is a speciality of the region of Quang Nam – Danang. However, “Kho Me” Cake of Cam Le Village has the best reputation.

In the 6 kilns to make “Kho Me” Cakes, there are over 50 workers, in which the pioneer is Mrs. Huynh Thu Dieu, whose nickname is Mrs. Lieu. “Kho Me” Cake of Mrs. Lieu is very famous in the market.

“Kho Me” Cakes are made from glutinous flour, rice flour, granulated sugar, ginger, and sesame. Rice flour is mixed with glutinous flour. Then the mixture is poured into the mould to be steamed and then to be dried. Then the cakes are soaked into sugar and sesame. The ones that are soaked into dried glutinous rice are called “kho no”. The ones that are soaked into sesame are called “Kho Me”. The delicious cakes must be soft with soft sugar, well-dried sesame and when they are broken, the sugar must be like the thin yellow silk cords. “Kho Me” cakes are usually put on the altars on the death anniversaries or on Tet holidays.

Now “Kho Me” Cakes are made and sold in the country as well as in the foreign countries all the year.

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