Tham Phabang Cave

This narrow cave has a wooden image of a thin standing Buddha called the Phabang. Although less then 1m tall it is quite elegant and said to be over 300 years old. Although it has been knocked over and partially broken by resident monkeys, this image has been maintained throughout the centuries by villagers that have prevented it from rotting or being eaten by termites. Another larger bronze Buddha, which now resides in the village temple, also used to be inside this cave. According to local legend the image, originally called Pha Thong “bronze Buddha” was renamed Pha Ong Saen (meaning the Buddha 100.000) when a robber attempting to take the valuable piece could not lift it due to a mysterious weight transfer.
The Tham Phabang Cave can be reached with a local guide from the Ban Nakheu Village Guide Associatiion. The guide will take you about 1.5km across paddy fields and up a stream to the mouth of the cave. A small payment to the local guide is appreciated.

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