Tad Suong Waterfall

Located about 10km from town, Tad Suong is actually the best of the falls. The word ‘breathtaking’ doesn’t really describe it — it’s awe-inspiring, and slightly nerve-wracking. The path to the falls lets out at the top, and oh boy, are you at the top. The falls plunge into a deep gorge, and in the dry season, it’s possible to walk around on the rock table they spill over right up to the edge. Not recommended for those with acrophobia, and, of course, do your best not to fall off. Once you get used to the height, the views are excellent and it’s one of the prettiest places on the planet. You can also cool off in one of the shallow pools at the top without being sluiced over the falls, but use your judgement if the current is particularly strong on a given day. Tad Suong is the trickiest of the falls to get to, and you’ll need a bicycle or motorbike, or arrange transport from town. Follow signs to the Tad Lo Lodge, but don’t turn off the main road, just keep going. When you reach the power station, take a right. When that road ends, take a left and look for the poorly marked turn-off on your left at the village of Ban Sanumnay. That road leads to where you can park and it’s a short walk to the top of the falls. The river flows in a northerly direction. As you approach from the main road, you’ll be on the eastern bank, near the Tad Hang falls, where most of the accommodation and what not are. Across the bridge on the west bank are the Tad Lo Lodge and Saise Resort, as well as the road to the Tad Lo falls proper.

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