Pak Ou Caves

The fascinating sites are Pak Ou Caves , which can be reached by a 2-hour boat trip upstream from Luang Prabang. The trip up stream on the Mekong River leads visitors to the caves at the mouth of the Ou river. Although you can make most of the trip by road, boat is the best way to go even though it does take nearly an hour to make the trip up river. The Park Ou Caves are located within the steep rock-cliff, which rises vertically from the waters of the Mekong River at the point where it meets with the Nam Ou River.
The Tham Ting Cave is 40 km north of the city. The amazing to that place made the tourists to go upstream by boat about 2 hours. Within the cave there are many hands of rock. At very corner, the Buddha images are placed granted by the worshipers. There are the collected arts of many hundred years of the Buddhist people. At the present no on and guess how old the Buddha images year were. In front of the cave, the Nam Ou river meets the Mekong river can be compared that the north gate very important of the strategy. In addition to these, Tham Ting has important role in the old tradition where the king that arrived her in the Lao new year day.In front of Tham Ting, Pha Ene Mount is on the left bank of Nam Ou river. It looks like the bald rocky mount on the top. Its shape is alike the coffin called Phouphalong and this mount is also representing the legend of the love story of Kounlou and Nang Oua.
The trip to Pak Ou typically includes a stop at the ‘whiskey village’ about halfway there. The proper name of the village is Ban Xang Hai, but everyone knows it as the whiskey village. Here whiskey is made from fermented rice soaked in water from the Mekong River. You can of course sample the wares as well as purchase a bottle.

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