Boloven Plateau

The Boloven plateau is a very fertile plain to the North of Pakse. Coffee and Durian are grown. Durians are harvested from May to July; at that time nowhere in the world Durians are cheaper than here. The most important town on the plateau is Paksong.South Laos is home to a number of hill tribes descending from Southeast Asia’s original inhabitants. These tribes are by far not as numerous as the Hmong (Meo), Karen or Akha, and most of them are on a lower level of civilization. But they were in Southeast Asia far earlier than the Vietnamese or the Thais (both migrants from central Asia), and earlier than other hill tribes. The indigenous tribes, and their ancestors, belong to the Proto-Malay group of people, closer related to Malays than to Thais, Vietnamese and Chinese. Until around 800, before the rise of Angkor, Javanese (Indonesian) and Malay kingdoms ruled Southeast Asia.
In the Boloven plateau are some scenic waterfalls , some of which are Pa Suam waterfall and Tad Fane waterfall.

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