Waterfalls in Ratanakiri

There are numerous waterfalls in the province, but many are difficult to reach in the wet season and lacking much water in the dry season. The three most commonly visited are Chaa Ong, Ka Tieng and Kin Chaan and these are now signposted from the main road toward Stung Treng, about 5km west of town. The most spectacular of the three is Chaa Ong, as it is set in a jungle gorge and you can clamber behind the waterfall or venture underneath for a power shower. Tuk Chrouu Bram Pul is a popular waterfall with seven gentle tiers located about 35km southeast of Ban Lung, but the rail to get there is tough at any time and pretty much impossible in the wet season. A visit there can be combined with a visit to a the current hot spot for gem mining in Chum Rum Bei. This involves a walk of several kilometers through the forest, as motorbikes cannot make it. Take a local guide for this combination trip.

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