Thala Bariwatt Resort

Located at Thala Bariwatt district in four kilometer from the provincial town, this resort area can be accessible by going across Se Kong river and Mekong river to the provincial road of Preah vihear.Thala Bariwatt is the historical resort in which the Preah Ko timple built in 7-8 century, made of red bred during the feign of the king, Javvarman I. In front of the temple, there is a statue of Preah Ko ( sacred cow) available in Cambodia next to the Preah Ko statue, there is a space having 10-squar meter area for playing the game of Viey khil annually, before the Khmer New Year. The game played during four days and three nights. It starts in the afternoon at 2 O’clock and lasts for two hours. The game played during the festival of the ethnic minority of Kouy. Near the Thalaa Bariwatt, ther are many other ruined temples like Prasat Pram Buon Lveng, Prasat Srey as well.

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