Small Circuit Temple

Bantey Kdei
Built by the founder of Ta Prohm, it is similar to it. It used to be a religious monastery. A small paved terrace leads to the sanctuary’s twin courtyards. In the centre of the courtyards are mysterious square pillars with handles that still torment archaeology students. Such pillars can also be found in Ta Prohm and Preah Khan. Built by King Jayavarman VII from the mid-12th century to the early 13th century and dedicated to Buddhism.

Srah Srang
Srah Srang Temple is a baray at Angkor, Cambodia, located south of the East Baray and east of Banteay Kdei. It was constructed in the mid-10th century, and modified in the 12th or 13th century. The landing stage at the west end of the baray, opposite the entrance to Banteay Kdei, is a popular site for viewing the sunrise.

Ta Keo
Further east along the Victory Road you will get to Ta Keo. Jayavarman V began construction work on the temple, one of the firsts to be built out of sandstone. The temple has a sober look, the stones barely carved as it was never finished. Acording to Georges Coedes, the temple was hit by a thunderbolt interpreted as a bad omen. The workers left by the temple unachieved. Ta Keo, dedicated to Shiva, boasts a moat and 50m high towers. If you fear heights you had better avoid climbing this temple.

Chau Say Tevoda & Thommanon Temple
The two comfortably shaded rather small temples to be found on either side of the road. They were built by Udayadityarvarman. They are quickly visited. Thommanon, dedicated to Vishnu, has some very nice walled doors and stylised devata. Its neighbour, dedicated to Shiva, reveals some scenes from the Ramayana.

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