Resorts in Pursat

Bak Tra Resort
This natural resort locates at 16 kilomater distances from the provincial town of PurSat by road N.56 to Kra Vanh District. The resort consists of: small mountain having 50 meter height, forest riches in Thlong trees, big rocks through out the forest as well as canal and natural well containing water permanently.

Kam Pong Luong Resort
This resort located at the bank of Tonle Sap riching in white sand and clear water is suitable for swimming during the dry season. In addition, there are many other attractive sites under the projects to develop as the tourist spots like.

Pnhom Baykhlor Resort
It locates at Thuaut Chum village, Thnaut Chum commune, Ko Kor District in 20 kilometers from the provincial town of Pur Sat by the National Road N0 5 then turning right more 12 Kilometers to the East. This resort consists of beautiful scenery for tourists, mountain and forest and Broken ancient statues and other varied sculpt.

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