Psa Chas Old Market

This traditional Asian market set in the old French colonial section contains souvenirs, books and curio stalls, near the riverside. The colonial buildings nearby, occupied by small restaurants, pubs, and other tourist related businesses, provide a welcome break from the heat of the market experience.
Oddly newly built in the Old French quarter near the river, caters to tourists. Dozen small stalls offer the usual cheap handicrafts one can find in any such place, along with videos, CDs, postcards, books, etc. It is worth a visit after a day spent in Angkor. Bargaining is the order of the day. The best and cheapest souvenirs to buy are rice-paper rubbings of the temples bas-reliefs (actually made from moulds). Sold at the market as well as in many shops and around Angkor Wat. Once framed, they can look quite stylish. Originally made with black charcoal, they now come in many colours.

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