Prasat Sambor Group

The northern sanctuary group comprised 11 sanctuaries separated from each other with the one at the middle, and had two-wall rampart. The sanctuaries were built of brick and limestone and carve in the beautifully real khmer style. These achievements certified the real khmer talent, after received the influence from India. Khmer had prepared her country and developed arts by herself. The every great development was in Angkor civilization period. The sanctuary was built on a rectangular hill (24m 21m or 25,200 square meters or 2.52 hectares).
The sanctuary comprised 14 temples (only 8 remains), and were surrounded by two-wall rampart. These temples were constructed in various plans-square and octagonal shapes. The top of the temple was carved in lotus petals of sandstone, but some parts were cracked down and buried into the ground and the pile of bricks.

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