Phnom Ba Yang Resort

Located at Por Thi Rong village, Preah Bat Choan Chum commune, Kiri Vong District in 121 kilometers from Phnom Penh. The resort can be accessible by the National Road No. 2 in three-hour and 15-minute drive via the Districts of Ba Ti, Sam Rong, Daun Keo and Trang. If we drive from the provincial town of Takeo, we will take one Hour and 15 Minutes in 43 kilometer distance. The temple of Ba Yang was built on the top of 313-metre mountain of Ba Yang in the 7th century 615-635 by the kings Mo Hen Trak Varman and Ey San Varman, the temple made of laterite stone, brick and other kind of stone. Nowadays, the temple is severely ruined, pieces of the temple spread on the ground, the top broken and the laterite fence also completely damaged. Ba Yang is the historical site, which attracts local and international tourists to visit and research about the tourist potential and the heritage masterpiece of Cambodian ancestors. But now, the road is difficult because the ancient roads are damaged and abandoned in the thick forest. Water system to Ba Yang Mountain is a main factor for developing tourism in the area. Tourists cannot visit there is we do not guide them, excepted researchers who still try to research about the Cambodian history. In kiri Vong District, there is a waterfall canal, which has 1000-meter length and six-meter width during the dry season. The waterfall canal has beautiful scenery during rainy season and gives an insight to tourists because the water falls down from the mountain’s top to the rock sounding as music concerting. In the future, if we can keep the water flowing as in rainy season, we expect to gain more Profit. It is convenient for traveling in the dry season.

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