Kompong Luong

The floating town of Kompong Luong on the Tonle Sap lake is arguably one of the most interesting places to visit in Pursat Province. It is a town of as many as 10,000 inhabitants who live permanently afloat on the lake. The town moves with the level of water in the lake, as recognized by a faded signpost on NH5 to Krakor, which states that the distance to Kompong Luong is maximum 7km, minimum 2km. Not much fun for the postman.
The town boasts pretty much all the facilities found in the other Cambodian towns except the ubiquitous cars and motorbikes, which comes as something of a relief. There are floating restaurants, schools, medical clinics and karaoke bars and, unlike Venice, the residents here don’t have to worry about sinking, as everything has a boat as its base. There are plenty of places to stop for an iced coffee or a beer and just soak up the atmosphere of life on the water. There is not really anywhere to stay, although if you want to get some photographs early in the morning or late in the afternoon it should be possible to negotiate a bet in the nearby town of Krakor.

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