Kirirom National Park

The name of Kirirom means “Happy Mountain” and this beautiful national park area 85 kilometers from the capital off National Route 4 was once a favorite resort for the influential, the powerful and wealthy and a retreat for King Sihanouk himself in 1960’s. It winds its way through natural pine forests (the only forests of this kind in Cambodia).
At the peak, there are a network of roads leading to the three main waterfalls and clear streams – popular picnic spots. Vendors supply food and drink for those wishing to picnic, and thatch roofed platforms can be rented beside the waterfalls so visitors can relax in the shade on reed mats.
There is a hotel and a connected restaurant on Kirirom but it is expensive at up to $ 15 a night for a clean, modern but basic room without all night electricity. There are not many types of larger wildlife in evidence on Kirirom, but it is an ideal spot to glimpse some of the Kingdom’s unique bird life and birdwatchers even come from overseas to visit.

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