Independence Monument

The monument is located on a circular island at the intersection of Norodom and Preah Sihanouk Boulevards. Despite the roads being very busy, the monument is often visited by many locals.
The Independence Monument was built to commemorates the 1954 end of French rule over Cambodia. Designed by a Cambodian architect, the Naga ( a mythical bird symbolizing strength and benevolence ) motif of the monument is a symbol for the country’s aspirations. The Naga also adorns most important buildings in the country including the Olympic Stadium and the Chatomuk Hall, which marks the convergence of four main rivers: the upper and lower Mekong, the Tonle Sap and the Bassac rivers.
The Independence Monument is also a memorial to Cambodia’s war dead, and is sometimes known as the Victory Monument. Wreaths are laid here on national holidays such as Independence Day and Constitution Day.

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