Hill Tribe People

The province of Ratanakiri has a population of about 60,000 ‘Khmer Loeu’ people. (‘Khmer Loeu’ refers to all of various minority peoples of the different tribes and is a controversial term.) The Khmer Loeu are actually 12 different sub groups of tribal peoples including the Tampuan, Krueng, Kavet, Kachok, Charay, Prouv, Phnoung and Lan, living in the jungle and mountains, still practicing many of their traditional ways including slash and burn agriculture, animism, traditional clothing and housing, etc. Tours and treks can be tailored to your requirements, but most guides suggest visiting more than one tribal village over two to four days to see different aspects of tribal life as well as the different peoples. Popular excursions include visiting Tampuan and Charay villages to see their distinctive cemetery totems and long houses, and Krueng villages to see their traditional farming techniques and unique ‘boy high houses.’

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