Cambodian Cultural Village

The unique, sprawling new cultural attraction in Siem Reap, intended to introduce the visitor to Cambodian culture and history. There are many types of houses in Khmer village such as house Peth, house Kantaing, house Raungdoeung, Sala Chan as a small pagoda… which are the main model houses of Khmer people. They make their living by farming, making palm sugar, rice storage, carving, weaving, crafting farm, making clay pot, fishing and popular games.
The Cambodian cultural villages has two museums that exhibit the well-know persons of Cambodia since the century until the present such as queen, king, general army, ambassador, monk, ethnic minority, movie star, Apsara dance and the way of how Angkor Wat temple was built by ancient Khmer, Khmer lifestyle during the Angkorian period and the breath-taking human figures with various paints. There are more than thirty wax statues that show about the development of Cambodian Cultural from the first century up to 20th century.
Cambodia has a long and rich tradition of classical dance, also know as Apsara dancing. Though some of the dance are shared with other cultures in the region. The slow graceful style of Cambodian dance is unique. There are many traditional performances you can see in the Cambodian cultural village in Siem Reap.

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