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Brief Itinerary

Day 1:  Arrival – Yangon Sightseeing Tours
Day 2: Yangon Sightseeing Tours
Day 3: Yangon Culture Tours
Day 4: Yangon Sightseeing Tours – Heho
Day 5: Inle Lake Sightseeing Tours
Day 6:  Inle Lake History Tours
Day 7: Heho Daily Tours – Mandalay
Day 8 : Mandalay Sightseeing Tours
Day 9:  Mandalay  – Nawarats – Bagan
Day 10: Bagan Sightseeing Tours
Day 11: Bagan Sightseeing Tours
Day 12: Bagan  – Yangon
Day 13 : Yangon Sightseeing Tours
Day 14: Yangon – Ngwe Saung Beach
Day 15:  Ngwe Saung Beach Tours
Day 16: Ngwe Saung Beach Tours
Day 17: Ngwe Saung Beach – Yangon
Day 18:  Depart Yangon

Day 1 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Arrival – Yangon Sightseeing Tours

Arrive Yangon’s Mingaladon Airport off flight and you will be welcome by your guide and will transfer to your hotel. You have arrived in Myanmar (Burma), a country which has never ceased to fascinate and capture the imagination of foreign visitors through the centuries. Rudyard Kipling said of the country, “This is Burma,it will be unlike any other land you know about”.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Back in 1586, the first Englishman to visit Burma, Ralph, Fitch, described Shwedagon: “It is of a wonderful bigness, and all gilded from the foot to the top. It is the fairest place, as I suppose, that is in the world.”Again, Somerset Maugham described the Shwedagon Pagoda as “glistening with gold, like a sudden hope in the dark night of the soul”. A lady who visited the country recently said, “You cannot go back and not love the country and the people”.

This evening, you will visit the Shwedagon Pagoda, shimmering above the city of Yangon for an unforgettable sunset. While the origins of the pagoda are shrouded in legend, it was certainly well-established by the time Bagan dominated Myanmar in the 11th century. 

All around the Shwedagon one finds the calm activity of a religious village, for a great pagoda is the focus of secular as well as religious life, none more so than the Shwedagon. It is an important event for Myanmar families who make a pilgrimage to the pagoda to be able to buy a packet of gold leaf at one of the pagoda bazaars, and paste their offerings to one of the Buddha images at the pagoda.

Illuminated by the misty glow of the sun, the Shwedagon is most admired at dusk or dawn. To wander around this religious monument, with all its legends and history and to witness a breathtaking sunset over the crumbling skyline of Yangon is one of Asia’s best kept secrets.

Overnight in Yangon.

Day 2 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Yangon Sightseeing Tours

After breakfast at the hotel, you will visit Botahtaung Pagoda, one of the most important in Yangon. Meaning “thousand leaders”, Botataung was named after the thousand military leaders who escorted the relics of the Buddha brought from India over 2,000 years ago.

Botataung is hollow inside and is a sort of mirrored maze with glass showcases containing many of the ancient artefacts. Above the interesting interior, the pagoda’s impressive golden spire rises to 132 feet. A photo stop at Sule Pagoda considered the centre of Yangon, where colonial buildings are extant. Continue to visit Chaukhtatgyi Reclining Buddha, 220 feet long magnificent reclining Buddha famous for its mystic smile.

Botataung Pagoda

Afternoon sightseeing to Gems Museum where you can see all Myanmar semiprecious and precious stones including world famous Ruby, Sapphire and Jade. Then proceed to Bogyoke Aung San (Scott) Market, the largest of Yangon’s markets.  You can find under one roof all the consumer goods a Myanmar family could possibly need or want. Evening, visit the house of Mr. Kevin & Mrs. Gill Pattison at Pyay Road and dinner at Happy Restaurant.

Overnight in Yangon.

Day 3 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Yangon Culture Tours

Breakfast at hotel. After breakfast, you will visit the Myanmar Institute of Theology. The Myanmar Institute of Theology, originally known as Baptist Divinity School, was founded in June 1927, on Seminary Hill, Insein. With only four students to begin with the school used the facilities of the Karen Theological Seminary currently known as the Kayin Baptist Theological Seminary.

This afternoon, visit Gitameit Music Center. In Pali and Burmese “gita” means music, and “meit” means friendship. Gitameit Music Center was started in 2003 by pianist Kit Young and colleagues from Myanmar in order to build a supportive community of musicians and audiences locally, and to encourage sustained, meaningful contact with international institutions, teachers and performers.

Overnight in Yangon.

Day 4 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Yangon Sightseeing Tours – Heho Package Tours

Breakfast at hotel. You will be transferred to the airport and fly Yangon/Heho.

Upon arrival., you will be transferred overland to Nyaung Shwe (about one hour drive) the gateway to Inle Lake. On the way, you can visit Pa-O village.  Upon arrival at Nyaung Shwe, transfer by boat to the hotel situated on Inle Lake and surrounded by the Shan Hills(about 45 mins). Simply sit back and enjoy zipping across this serene and magical place, home to the famous Intha people and heavenly views.

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda in Inle Lake

In the afternoon you will visit Phaungdaw U Pagoda. It is regarded as one of the three principal shrines of Burma, and is the holiest religious site in the southern area of the Shan state.  This particular pagoda houses five small Buddha images, whose original forms have long been lost under years of plastering with gold leaf by pilgrims.

Along the corridor leading to the pagoda are a variety of stalls, some selling Shan handicrafts and others with various antiques and trinkets. Continue to visit the Jumping Cat Monastery or “Nga Phe Kyaung Temple”, where the monks have successfully trained cats to perform a variety of astonishing tricks. Then carry on to the floating gardens to view traditional cottage, industries still a mainstay in the Inle Lake economy.

Overnight in Inle Lake.

Day 5 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Inle Lake Sightseeing Tours

Breakfast at hotel.

After breakfast at the hotel, begin your day with a visit to the Nampan 5 day market. This rotating market changes locations every five days and is where the local hill tribes come to buy and sell their goods.  Items range from hand-made crafts to produce grown on the floating gardens.

Boys on Inle Lake

Take notice of the colorful outfits worn by the different hill tribes as they barter in this lively setting. After visiting the market, visit Nampan Village where you can witness traditional village life on the lake and observe the blacksmith workshop, cheroot making factory, (experience having a go at trying to make a cheroot – a famous Burmese cigar), and boat builder’s workshop.

Afternoon visit Inn Paw Khone Village where you can see the Ikat-style silk weaving industry.

Overnight in Inle Lake.

Day 6 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Inle Lake History Tours

Breakfast at hotel.

After breakfast, visit a bamboo grove and up a beautiful stairway lined with wooden columns to old Shwe Inn Dein, an impressive and thankfully unrestored collection of ancient Shan style stupas. At the top there is a stunning view out across the lake and beyond, to the hills in the east and of the rolling countryside to the west

Overnight in Inle Lake.

Day 7 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Heho Daily Tours – Mandalay Package Tours

Breakfast at hotel.

After breakfast at hotel, you will visit Ywa Ma 5 day market. Then visit silversmith works in the village.
After lunch, you will be transferred to the airport and fly Heho/Mandalay.
Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel.

Mandalay Hill


The last visit for today is Mandalay Hill for sunset. It rises 236 meters (774 feet) above the surroundings countryside. British and Indian troops suffered heavy casualties here in March 1945, storming the Japanese stronghold which controlled the plains around Mandalay.

Today, there remains only the regimental insignia near the hill’s summit. Two main stairways ascend from the south, under the glare of the ever-present, white chinches which demand the removal of shoes before entering sacred ground.

Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 8 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Mandalay Sightseeing Tours

 Breakfast at hotel.

Morning sightseeing to Amarapura and visit Maha Muni Pagoda. It was built in 1784 by King Bodawpaya and was reconstructed a century later after a fire burned it down. You will find the image of the Maha Muni Buddha in the center which was transported to Myanmar from Mrauk U in Rakhine in 1784.

The image is an object of devotion for pilgrims around the world. It is four meters in height, and is cast in bronze. However, it has now covered in 15 centimeters of gold-leaf by the devout Buddhists. Continue to U Bein Bridge, a long and rickety teak bridge crossing Taungthaman Lake curved to withstand the wind and waves.

The teak logs and planks used were from the ruined Ava Palace. You will also observe 1000 or so monks having their main meal for the day at Mahagandayon Monastery, they are prohibited to take any food after midday. A visit to Gold Leaf Beating workshop afterward and view artisans making thin leaves of gold leaf used for offerings, and visits to stone carving, woodworking and bronze casting workshops as time permits.

Maha Muni Pagoda

After lunch, visit to Ava, across the Myit Nge River and ride the horse-cart, visit Mahaaungmyebonzan, Bagaya Kyaung, and across the Ava Bridge Sagaing, you see the hilltops, each crested with a pagoda, the banners proclaiming the Buddha’s teaching, the refuge from all ills and tribulations where over 600 monasteries for monks and nuns are located for Buddhist studies and meditation.

Then proceed to Sagaing Hill, Padamyazedi, U min Thonze or thirty caves pagoda has many Buddha images in a crescent shaped colonnade. Mural paintings can be seen in the Tilawkaguru cave temple, which was built around 1672. Soon Oo Pon Nya Shin Pagoda nearby was constructed in 1312. The view of Sagaing from Soon Oo Pon Nya Shin and its approach is marvelous. Then drive back to Mandalay.

Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 9 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Mandalay Travel Packages – Nawarat Charter Boat Tours – Bagan Package Tours

After breakfast, you will be transferred to jetty to take boat to Bagan. The boat sails to Bagan. On the way, visit Yandabo, a typical river village specializing in Pot-Making, where the peace treaty of the First Anglo-Burmese war was signed on Feb. 24, 1826. Upon arrival jetty, you will be met and transferred to your hotel.

Yandabo Pots Village on Irrawaddy River


Bagan, the mighty capital of the Bamar Kings for 230 years, from the 11th to the 13th centuries.  An unprecedented effort to build stupas and temples was begun when the area was converted from Hindu and Mahayana Buddhism to Theravada Buddhism. 

These monuments were decorated with gold, silver and fine mosaic painting.  Situated on a bend of the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River, this vast dusty plain is home today to several thousand religious edifices — more than 25 square miles is studded with 2,000 temples in varying states of repair.

Overnight in Bagan.

Day 10 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Bagan Sightseeing Tours

Today you will visit Nyaung U Market. Afterwards, visit Shwezigon Pagoda, a prototype of all of Myanmar’s stupas. It was completed during the reign of Kyanzit-ittha from 1084 to 1113. It is important for it serves as the center of prayer and reflection for the new Thera-vada faith, which was established in Bagan by King Anawrahta. Then, proceed to the Wetkyi-in Gubyau- kgi, close to Wetkyi-in village.

This is a 13th century “cave temple” and has an Indian-style spire like the Mahabodhi Paya in Bagan. It is famous for its fine frescoes of scenes from the jataka, yet unfortunately, a foreign collector visited and removed many of the panels on which the frescoes were painted. Continue to the Htilominlo Temple which was built in 1218 by King Nantavnguya.


Many of the old murals and friezes can still be discerned, as can several old horoscopes, painted to protect the building from damage. You will also visit the Sulamani Temple, considered one of Bagan’s great two-storied monuments and was built in 1183. The remains of some 18th century murals can be seen inside the temple.

Afternoon you visit Ananda Temple. This temple was constructed in 1091, and is considered the masterpiece of Mon architecture. A visit to a lacquerware workshop will be taken afterwards. And enjoy sunset over Bagan on one of the temples or pagodas.

Overnight in Bagan.

Day 11 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Bagan Sightseeing Tours

Breakfast at the hotel. After that, you will visit Mt. Popa, an extinct volcano. On the way, visit toddy-palm climber’s hut where you may observe the traditional ways of making jaggery and climbing the toddy-palms.

 When you arrive at Mt. Popa, climb up the “Taungkalat”: Another structure of interest to the pilgrims and visitors is a steep-sided rocky volcanic plug or core locally known as Taungkalat. It has a covered stairway to the top and it takes about 30 minutes to walk up to the top.

Popa Mount is the place most frequented by the Buddhist pilgrims and Nat worshippers as well since it is considered to be the principal abode of Nats (Spiritual Beings).Enjoy seeing the panoramic view of Bagan Plain dotted with stupas and temples.

Lunch at Popa Mountain Resort (on own). After lunch, return to Bagan and continue to the Manuha Temple. This temple was built by the captive king of Thaton just south of Myinkaba village. He wanted this to be constructed to reflect his displeasure of captivity; hence, you will find that the Buddha images will appear very cramped in their enclosures.

Popa Mountain in Myanmar


In 1975, an earthquake hit the area and buried the Buddhas underneath. They were able to renovate the area and were completed in 1981. Proceed to the Nanpaya Temple. The masonry work is outstanding, as well as its interior design. It reflects the strong Brahman influence that affected the Teravadin Mon kings. Also, do take note of the relief of the god Brahma.

There are three faces that can be discerned, all of which have the typical facial features of Mon. These are said to be representations of King Manuha. It is sometimes called the Ganesh or Mahapeine Temple, named after the elephant-headed Hindu god whose image once stood at the corners of its five successively diminishing rectangular terrace. A Visit to farming villages around Bagan as time permits.

Overnight in Bagan.

Day 12 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Bagan Travel Packages – Yangon Package Tours

Breakfast at hotel.

This morning, you will visit the villages in the environs of Bagan to observe village life and customs and see more pagodas if you wish. Discuss with the guide as to your wishes and preferences and interests and explore.

After lunch, you will be transferred to the airport and fly Bagan/Yangon.

Upon arrival Yangon, you will be transferred to the hotel.

Overnight in Yangon.

Day 13 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Yangon Sightseeing Tours

Breakfast at hotel.

After breakfast visit Gwei Gone Village   (Some members will visit Mahasi Meditation Center).

Overnight in Yangon.

Day 14 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Yangon – Ngwe Saung Beach Tours

Breakfast at hotel. Drive from Yangon to Ngwe Saung by coach. (4 – 5 hrs) Leisure at Ngwe Saung Beach.

Ngwe Saung Beach

A sleepy fishing village with hotels spread along its beautiful white sand shore, Ngwe Saung (pronounced ‘Way Saung’) is a perfect place to relax after a few weeks’ travelling around Myanmar. One of the mostlaid-back places you will find in the country, the real joy here is to sit back and take in the sun’s raysand picturesque beach views, or try the catch of the day in a local restaurant.

Overnight in Ngwe Saung.

Day 15 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Ngwe Saung Beach Tours

Breakfast at hotel.
Leisure at Ngwe Saung Beach.

Overnight in Ngwe Saung.

Day 16 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Ngwe Saung Beach Tours

Breakfast at hotel.
Leisure at Ngwe Saung Beach.

Overnight in Ngwe Saung.

Day 17 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Ngwe Saung Beach Tours – Yangon Package Tours

Breakfast at hotel.
Return to Yangon from Ngwe Saung Beach by coach.

Overnight in Yangon.

Day 18 – Grand Myanmar Tour For Landscapes: Depart  Yangon

Breakfast at the hotel.

And then transfer to Yangon International Airport for your onward flight.

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